Autism Speaks Swim Scholarship

Nurturing Water Therapies’ adaptive swim program has been approved for funding by Autism Speaks for the 4th quarter 2015!

We are looking to provide $200 scholarship to five (5) individuals. Each individual will be charged only 50% of the cost per lesson until the scholarship has been used for the quarter which translates to:
  • Eight (8) 25-min sessions or
  • Four (4) 55-min sessions and one (1) 25-min session
If this is still too much of a financial burden, please let us know.

To qualify for the scholarship:
  • The individual (any age) must have a documented autism spectrum diagnosis.
  • Our intake form should be completed.
  • A copy of the current 1040 (tax return) must list the individual as a dependent.
  • The family should be making no more than $60,000 per year.
  • The family must also write to the Nurturing Water Therapies management (Sandy and me) explaining why they're requesting for a scholarship and how it will assist their family financially.

Please note that we need to provide Autism Speaks with the following information about every swimmer who receives the scholarship:
  • First name
  • Age
  • Diagnosis
  • Email of the swimmer's parent/guardian
  • IF family allows Autism Speaks to share photographs, testimonials and videos of the swimmer on Autism Speaks’ website and social media (not required to agree) 

To apply, please contact Sandy Karlek at

Thanks! We look forward to working with your family!

Sandy and Miles